Steve Hissey Guitar Studio, Frederick Maryland

Steve Hissey is a life-long teacher of both guitar and bass guitar. He got his first guitar when he was in the second grade. "And I have never stopped since. I still love it every day."

Steve has taught artists such as Scott Ambush, who came to him at the age of 12 to learn the guitar. Other former students have gone on to play in local and national bands, some signing record contracts.

Steve played at one time with a band called Too Many People and did solo performances at venues as far away as New York City.

A 1965 graduate of Frederick High School, Steve went to Frederick Community College, then the University of Maryland, where he got a degree in fine arts. "I used to drive to Frederick and teach at the Colonial Music Shop downtown, then back to college. I was already teaching at that age."

"There is just nothing like the feel of those strings vibrating in your fingers," Steve says. "After walking on this planet for more than 60 years, music to me is the most important thing this life has to offer. Even when you feel down, putting on some music can change you. It is healing, comforting."

Steve likes all types of music from Spanish and classical guitar to Jimi Hendrix's electric rock. The acoustic guitar, unchanged for centuries, is still the classic instrument, he says.

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Steve Hissey Guitar Studio, 114 East Street, Frederick, Maryland 21701